Why invest in a second home?

Do you dream of not spending hours and hours booking a flight, a hotel room or planning your next vacation? What if you were to consider investing in a second home? In addition to helping you build your wealth, this type of real estate investment offers many advantages. Wondering which ones? Let's review them!

1. To spend vacations at home in a different environment

With the Covid-19 health crisis, it is increasingly difficult to plan your next vacation.
Will your flight be cancelled? Will a new lockdown happen? Many questions are probably holding you back from planning your trips.
And it's normal: when you don't know what the next day will be like, it's difficult to plan anything in a fulfilling way.
To avoid such worries, having a second home can be a real solution.

- France, Italy or Spain are popular destinations and easy to reach from Luxembourg.
- You won't have to spend time planning your trip months in advance.
- You enjoy the comfort of your own home, while discovering new regions.
- You enjoy a truly relaxing environment and avoid the world, the turbulence and the noise of hotels.

2. Invest in a second home to avoid investing in hotels

Are you tired of spending money on hotels?
The cost of a vacation can sometimes be high. Investing in these tourist establishments is a fund that is definitely lost.
On the contrary, investing in a vacation home allows you to build up a larger real estate portfolio. Even if you decide to resell this vacation home, you would get back some of the funds invested. You could even earn money!
But the second home can also become a family property, which can be lent and rented according to the seasons.
Are you only planning to stay there for a month or two during the year? In that case, rent out your property the rest of the time. The income generated will allow you to pay back part of your financial contribution.

3. Buy a second home to anticipate your retirement

Is it time to retire?
Even if it isn't, you'll probably be happy to have a home in a nice place to live when it happens.
Your second home could then become your main residence: it will already be profitable, located in a place you will know and cherish, with all the possible comforts...
And what could be more relaxing than not having to worry about the future?
So don't hesitate and go for it! To make your real estate investment a success, remember to anticipate the costs of any work that may be required and to evaluate the maintenance costs.

Do you have any questions about this?
HESTIA GROUP Coldwell Banker, whose team has been present in the Grand Duchy for more than 10 years, uses its international network to help you make the best choice.

So don't wait any longer and contact one of our agents!

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