Who to get an estimate of your property?

Do you own a house or an apartment in Luxembourg and are you planning to sell it soon? In this case, don't fall into the trap of a bad real estate estimate! To know the price of your property without the risk of over or under-valuing it, call a real estate professional! Indeed, having your property estimated by an expert of the Luxembourg market will guarantee you a quick sale. Want to know more? Coldwell Banker Hestia Group explains it all to you!

Appraising your property: online or with an agency?
Were you thinking of having your property appraised by a free online tool?

This solution is indeed very attractive for many owners. It gives a first idea of the value of your property, for free and quickly.
Nevertheless, to sell your property at its fair value, we advise you not to stop at this stage. Indeed, the digital tools remain limited: they do not take into account a certain number of characteristics which however have a direct impact on the value of your property. For example, the luminosity, the layout of the apartment, the height of the windows, the vis-à-vis... are not included in the estimate.
So, to be sure not to undervalue your property, call a professional in your area!

What are the different steps when estimating a property ?

When estimating the value of a house or an apartment, the real estate agent proceeds in successive steps:


  • first, he/she visits the property to evaluate the environment, the neighborhood, the exterior appearance of the property, its exposure and its characteristics (surface area, number of rooms, materials used, equipment, etc.),
  • then, thanks to the plans and real estate diagnoses, he analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the housing;
  • finally, he makes a comparative study with properties similar to the evaluated property. A study of the market and a good knowledge of the prices practiced in the area prove to be an asset to optimize the estimate.

How does the real estate appraisal work at HESTIA GROUP Coldwell Banker?

At Coldwell Banker Hestia Group, having your property appraised goes through the same steps as at any other agency.
However, we rely on our international network and our 10 years of presence in the Grand Duchy to make the most accurate estimate possible. Our comprehensive databases allow us to carry out in-depth market analyses and comparative studies. The experience of our agents in the field brings a greater reactivity and a greater precision in our analyses.
Moreover, our culture of customer satisfaction leads us to simplify the drafting of our estimates, presented in the form of a summary table. Realistic and detailed, these estimates are most of the time offered to our customers.

You are a homeowner and you are about to sell your home? You still have questions on how to carry out your real estate estimate?

Because the relational aspect is in the heart of our jobs, we invite you to contact us directly to ask all your questions :

we will answer you without fail.

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