Renting your property in Luxembourg

You are a homeowner, or will soon become one, and you are still hesitating to rent out your property? Do you feel that this is too uncertain a time to invest in rental property? However, this type of investment remains very attractive. You don't know where to start? Don't worry: Coldwell Banker Hestia Group will guide you through all the steps involved in renting your property in Luxembourg.

How to find the right tenant?

Landlords are often afraid of making the wrong choice when looking for tenants. And for good reason: on what criteria should they base their choice? What to check to ensure the reliability of the newcomer? How can you be sure that he will pay you on time? We explain it all to you!

1. Set the rent fairly

We often forget that the first step in finding the right tenant is to set the rent.

Indeed, a rent that is too high could put off potential visitors. However, there is no question of undervaluing the property...

To find the right price, it is essential to know the real estate market in your area. It is then a question of carrying out a market study, of taking into account the tendencies of the moment, but also the amount of the charges of the hiring, and many other parameters still.

Are you afraid of making a mistake? In that case, call on a professional: he or she knows the current prices perfectly well. The rent can then be re-evaluated every 2 years, following the rent price index.

2. Take professional photos

To find a good tenant in an efficient way, do not skimp on the communication: professional photos, detailed descriptive text, proposal of virtual visits... Everything is good to make your apartment or house known. That's why at Coldwell Banker Hestia Group, we advertise as much as possible on the biggest real estate websites.

3. Make the visits in the best possible conditions

Tidy and clean accommodation, selected and known visitor profiles... These should be your concerns.

Because, to find the best possible tenant, you must seduce the visitors that you will have selected beforehand.

How to make this choice? Put together a file, composed of the last 3 pay slips, a copy of the work contract, a copy of an identity card and the registration number, which will testify to their seriousness. Moreover, a small check on the Internet and social networks will allow you to know if the person seems reliable.

Nevertheless, it can be long and difficult to get this information. In this case, don't worry: the real estate agent is used to dealing with these cases in a professional way.

How to carry out the inventory of fixtures and draw up the lease contract ?

How do you draw up a lease contract? What should be considered during the inventory of fixtures? How to protect yourself while respecting the legal aspects?

It is not always easy to find one's way through all these administrative considerations: the lease contract can indeed be signed for 1 year (tacitly renewable), but also for 2 or 3 years... Which option to choose ?

When you rent your property, Coldwell Banker Hestia Group will review the situation with you to answer all your questions. As for the inventory of fixtures, it is carried out in detail, with photos, and sent electronically, to protect you as much as possible.

Do you have offices or businesses where the rent is indexed to VAT? In this case, there are other considerations to take into account. In particular, do not forget to fill in the VAT option form!

Why trust Coldwell Banker Hestia Group?

With its large database, Coldwell Banker Hestia Group knows perfectly well the profiles of property buyers and tenants in Luxembourg. Their needs, their selection criteria, their ability to finance a real estate project or not... Everything is carefully scrutinized by the agency's experts.

Moreover, our international network allows us to be constantly aware of the real estate trends of the moment, as well as the evolutions of the real estate market. This is the reason why many owners have trusted us to rent their properties, whether they are residential or commercial.

We also work with other real estate agencies and have partnerships with relocation agencies, so we know many companies that attract a lot of expatriates, whose companies vouch for us. Through Coldwell Banker Hestia Group, you too can benefit from an international clientele.

Saving you time and peace of mind: that is the ambition of Coldwell Banker Hestia Group. We take care of advertising your offer, finding the tenant, drafting the lease and carrying out a complete inventory of fixtures... Our real estate experts take care of all the steps involved in renting out your property. They are defined by a rental management mandate, which is a contract between the owner and the real estate agency. The signature of such a document is compulsory beyond a commission of 2 500 €.


So don't be left alone: thanks to more than 10 years of experience in the Grand Duchy, the teams of Coldwell Banker Hestia Group are able to identify the best occupants for your house, apartment or villa.

Would you like to take advantage of these benefits now? Then don't wait any longer and contact one of our agents!

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